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Since 2000, we have been offering professional services in life and health insurance, health and investment insurance, supplementary pensions and target savings. Open, transparent and simple – about us, our services, insurance, health and personal finances. Read, choose, buy or order a consultation.

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Our life medicine partner is MADANES, a company with 48 years of experience, more than 2,000,000 clients and a network of 900+ clinics worldwide. The head office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.


The IGP International Insurance Pool has been offering global corporate insurance solutions for over 50 years. Managed by John Hancock Life Insurance USA (S&P rated AA-). The founder is John Hancock Life Insurance, USA. The peculiarity of cooperation is that in one country only one of all insurance companies can represent the interests of the pool. In Ukraine it is TAS Life!more

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Why should one choose TAS LIFE?

Choosing an insurance company is no less responsible than getting married. After all, the “relationship” with the company can sometimes last longer than other marriages 😉

However, when looking for a the perfect insurance company, a cold calculation is much better than emotions and feelings.

Although experts on voluntary life insurance unanimously advise to pay attention to the reputation of the insurance company and its rating, the duration of the market, as well as tariffs and conditions – most Ukrainians, as usual, follow the advice on insurance online or consult with friends.

But since you have already visited the official website of TAS insurance company – no matter on the advice of acquaintances, or on the recommendation of a financial advisor or insurance agency – we will make it easier for you and tell you why TAS life is your personal life insurance company forever.

Because TAS Life is love for customers.

Our love is manifested not in words, but in deeds – we love to pay and for all the time of TAS insurance our clients have received more than 1 billion hryvnia payments. We are also leaders in pension insurance – more and more Ukrainians trust us with their future.

Because TAS Life is serious.

After all, we are part of a powerful financial and industrial holding TAS Group, which guarantees the company stability and weight in the Ukrainian market.

Because TAS Life is a concern.

We believe that an insurance company should be more than just health insurance. We promote a healthy lifestyle and love of sports – we provide bonuses and promotions from our medical partners, organize checkouts for corporate clients and charity races for everyone.

Because TAS Life is a reputation.

For more than 20 years of history, we have become a national leader in the Ukrainian market of accumulative life insurance, and are also among the top three billionaire companies: our assets amount to more than 3 billion hryvnias. Large companies and market leaders trust us with employee insurance.

Because TAS Life is leadership.

We like to be the first: we were the first to get a currency license, launch an investment program, open a field of “life medicine”, which is an indispensable addition to the LCA, and we are not going to stop!

One of our latest innovations is the execution of long-term insurance contracts online in just 10 minutes. This was made possible by the integration of our company with the DIIA platform.

With the DIIA application and active DIIA. Signature, our client can be identified, sign a contract, pay a fee and receive an insurance policy by e-mail, even while sitting at home.

In order to make this possible, the TAS Life team reformatted its programs, simplified the underwriting procedure and the process of issuing an insurance contract.

Every day we try to become the best version of ourselves to offer our customers the best service and the most reliable insurance in TAS possible!

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